Contemporary Dance & Performance Event

18th September 2016

Cyprus New Movement of Dance Groups, Dancers and Choreographers

New Movement organises for the second time in a row Visibility programme, this year in collaboration with Egomio Cultural Center.

Visibility invites choreographic and performance pieces that have not yet had the chance to be presented in the town of Nicosia, creating this way the chance for choreographers, dance practitioners and performers to show their work to the audience of the town of Nicosia.

New Movement aims to organize Visibility in more towns, that could host such an event, supporting contemporary dance and performance shows, so as to be watched around the island.

Entrance: 5 euros
Performances start at 20:30:

1. Eleana Alexandrou: In a nutshell (extract)
2. Hamilton Monteiro: 1nflow
3. Suzana Phialas: Collecting References
4. Panayiotis Tofi: Documenting Emptiness
5. Georgia Kapodistria: #41 - An occult manifestation of the same body

Information and Reservations:
(+357) 22 781104, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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