17th Summer Dance Festival 2020

Dance performances and video screenings at Dance House Lemesos
27 – 29 August and 12 – 13 September 2020

The Summer Dance Festival is yearly funded by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth and is organised by Nea Kinisi – Cyprus New Movement for Dance Companies, Dancers and Choreographers – with the support of the Municipality of Limassol.

The Summer Dance Festival is an important institution both for the professional dance community and the city of Limassol. For eight days people have the opportunity to walk around Limassol, interact with artists and their work in special and unique ways. During the preparation of the works, people will have the chance to see rehearsals, get in contact with the creation process and interact with the artists. This festival is an excellent opportunity to highlight the culture that the dance community has to offer, both for residents and visitors of Limassol. In addition, the structure of the festival enhances the sense of community, while offering a way to see and get to know the city through a different prism.

This year, the 17th of the “Kalokairino”, and only a few days before the opening, the organisation undergoes a major adjustment with performances either “closing” in conventional spaces or “coming out” in the form of video screenings. It is the year of endless adaptation and problem solving! And the role of art is that of redefining, of listening, of enhancing the sense of survival.

The photos of Pavlos Vrionides are both from the performances at the Limassol Dace House – which we thank warmly for the free concession of its spaces – and from the final rehearsals in the public space during the filming of the works.

This year’s participations were:

‘Ektos ydaton’ | Chorotheatro Omada Pente | Chloe Melidou
‘Meeting point’ | Milena Ugren Koulas
‘ALBUM’ | Diamanto Hatzizacharia

‘Be my home’ | Konstantina Skalionta
‘Breathe the beach’ | Georgia Andreou
‘Private kingdom’ | Andria Michaelidou