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Suzana Phialas

Choreographer / Performance & Visual Artist

Suzana Phialas is a choreographer performance & visual artist. Her work investigates themes inherent in contemporary society, innovative digital technologies and their effects on culture.

As an interdisciplinary artist she investigates choreography using various approaches and disciplines such as movement, video, installation, environments, performance and staging images. She questions the notions of choreography, performance and the visual arts and she is interested in creating dialogue through contemporary artistic proposals, hybrid research methods and techniques.

“In any of my works I want to say something. The work is not finished until a viewer connects with it. That’s the sort of magic of art in general, to communicate something to someone else. Like many people I’m thinking a lot about what goes on globally in terms of environment, technology and mostly about our century’s fundamental aspects of contemporary digital culture -the way people “should” act and interact within this contemporary network society.”