Membership Application Forms

The application for membership at Nea Kinisi concerns Cypriot professional dancers, choreographers or registered dance companies or professional dancers, choreographers of any nationality that live in Cyprus. The main requirement is the acquisition of a dance degree from a vocational school or university. For individuals who do not have a degree in dance, registration in Nea Kinisi is possible when they have been working professionally as dancers or choreographers intensively for at least five years.

Payment information:

Registration cost: 10 euro
Yearly Payment: 25 euro

Payments can be made via bank transfer or deposit to the account of Nea Kinisi:

Hellenic Bank
Account number: 243-01325445-01
IBAN: CY72005002430002430132544501

*Mention of name, whether it is a payment of registration and/or annual subscription and year is advised.

For successful applications, the payment of the annual subscription is compulsory and failure to do so for three consecutive years will result in the deletion of the member. Possibility of re-registration after deletion is possible only once and a motivation letter needs to be sent along with the rest of the attachments.