13rd Summer Dance Festival
Cyprus New Movement of Dance Groups, Dancers and Choreographers

22-30 July 2016

This year the festival will take place in Fytideio GSO Athletic Centre in Limassol – Cyprus, from the 22nd to the 30th of July 2016 licenses for the usage of spaces will be ensured by New Movement Cyprus.

The terms and regulations that apply for this year have been established from the beginning of New Movement Cyprus, but have been modified in the course of the festival, according to the needs of the community, financial support and the development of dance in Cyprus.

Please carefully read the conditions for your application in this year’s Summer Dance Festival.

Applications will be accepted until April 15th 2016

Applications must be sent at with the subject “Application for OUT-SITE”. Download the application form here

Information on the venue:

The GSO Fyteidio Sports Center is a modern multipurpose sports park next to the beach in Limassol. It features courts for mini football and handball, volleyball, tennis and sand for beach volley and beach handball a fully equipped complex consisting of changing rooms, bathrooms, showers and a fitness room. It also has an elevated cafeteria with uninterrupted view of the Mediterranean connected by an aerial bridge.

The space next to the sea in which GSO is connected via the bridge is also available for use as site specific.




Who is eligible to participate:

(1)  a) Dance Groups that are members of New Movement Cyprus which were founded by a professional dancer or choreographer member of New Movement Cyprus, who graduated as a professional dancer or choreographer / teacher from a professional dance school (three year course minimum). The dance groups must work as a private law body non-profit organization, which are registered as organizations seeking to promote dance and choreography and operate on the legislation of the Cyprus Republic (the Associations and Foundations Act, the Companies Act).
b) Independent choreographers’ members of New Movement Cyprus, who have graduated as professional dancers or choreographers / teachers from professional dance schools (minimum three years).

(2) Professional dancers who wish to participate in the summer dance festival must already be members of New Movement Cyprus by application.

(3) Professional choreographers who are members of New Movement Cyprus and already have at least two integrated projects in their artistic activity. These projects should be given to New Movement Cyprus trough an internet link (YouTube, Vimeo, e-mail attachment).

Note: The applicants must have reimbursed any economic pending in relation to registration of the group members, choreographer and participants.

Terms and Conditions:

(1) The work presented in the Summer festival must be in the field of contemporary dance, as the evaluation committee for the festival states, and not of commercial nature.

(2) The work presented must not have been previously presented in Cyprus or abroad and duration must be at least 20 minutes.

(3) Organizing and image building are undertaken exclusively by New Movement of Dance Groups, Dancers and Choreographers of Cyprus. The teams are entitled to on-line promotion for their projects, but should always be presented ‘As part of the 13th Summer Dance Festival 2016 New Movement of Dance Groups Dancers and Choreographers of Cyprus’. No project will be displayed by any means (advertising, live, media) other than the organized process that New Movement Cyprus decides.

Evaluation criteria:

The Commission will evaluate the proposals based on the following criteria:

(1) Clarity in describing the choreographic idea and hence the choice of the site in relation to the choreographic idea. Changes in the site are not accepted after the application has been sent
(2) Innovation in themes and in the means of project realization
(3) Employment of professional dancers
(4) Realism in budget planning*

* If the Committee determines that in the final presentation of the project, some of the services that were budgeted are overrated it holds the right to reduce the total amount requested by the participant.

Subsidy terms:

The subsidy for the dance groups that will participate in the summer festival will cover the following; provided that all expenditures are declared in their budget and legal receipts are presented:


Choreographer / Creator
Dancer(s)/ Performer (s)
Designer / Visual Artist
Video artist
Costume designer
Other ( precisely determined)
Props (construction or rental)
Costumes / Masks / Makeup artist
Sound Recording Media
Multimedia (Video / Projector / video editing, monitor, etc.)
Scenery transportation
Various contingencies up to 200 €


We do not cover transport fares or airplane tickets from and to the city or country of the participants’ .The ticket costs and transport are part of the total amount given, and each choreographer is invited to take them into consideration in their budget planning.

Participation cancellation:

Non-participation in the Summer Dance Festival on ‘fault of the choreographer or dancer(s) or other factor of the show, except in cases of injury, will involve the withdrawal of the subsidy. The injury cases will be examined by the New Movement Committee.

Evaluation committee

Proposals will be evaluated by a three-member committee, which consists of people who come from artistic and academic background.

In this year 13o Summer Dance Festival 2016 seven works will be selected, from which one outside of Cyprus:

– 2 solo projects x 2000 euro
– 2 Duets x 3000 euro
– 3 Group projects (trio or more) x 4000 Euro

The open call is aimed at choreographers and dance groups from Cyprus and abroad.

The amount of the grant will be paid in two installments:

The first during preparation of the project and the second after the end of the project. The period of first installment depends on when the Ministry releases the grant. Proof of payment data must be presented within 10 (ten) days after the end of the festival, in order to be paid the second installment as soon as possible.